New Members Welcome

The Blue Mountains Four Wheel Drive Club welcomes new members. You do not require a modified vehicle to join, and many of our members joined with stock vehicles looking to find out more about four wheel driving. We are a family club, with our membership ranging from young families to retirees. Prospective members are encouraged to attend a club meeting to find out more.

The Blue Mountains Four Wheel Drive Club is governed by a set of Rules, or Constitution, which clearly stipulates the procedure involved in joining the Club. However, to put it simply, anyone wishing to join the Club must complete a New Membership Application form and pay the membership and administration fee. To become a full member you must attend one of our compulsory Driver Awareness Courses and participate in a Club trip. Once these pre-requisites have been met your application is voted upon by the Club membership.

Broaden Your Horizon

Enjoy a Different Wilderness Experience

Wilderness, like beauty, is in the eyes (and mind) of the beholder.

The beauty of our neighboring bushlands can provide you with that "Wilderness Experience"...

...And you can get there in your Four Wheel Drive

Take the opportunity to experience the vast natural beauty of this land. Use your Four Wheel Drive to take the whole family into the majestic bushlands and forests that surround Sydney and beyond. A Four Wheel Drive allows you, your children and your parents to visit places where, to get there on foot, could mean days of hard bushwalking, a task often beyond the capabilities of the average family.

A Four Wheel Drive allows you to camp in the remote bushland settings with some of the comforts needed for a pleasant family getaway. While a four wheel drive can't take you to the depths of rugged wilderness areas, enjoyed by the hardiest of bushwalkers, the opportunities made possible by a Four Wheel Drive allow you to experience your kind of wilderness, the solitude and peaceful surroundings of the bush. You can experience areas in one weekend that would take walkers several days or weeks to visit.

In today's hectic lifestyle a Four Wheel Drive offers opportunities that were only dreams for past generations. You and your whole family can see, first hand, what others can only dream about or watch on television and films. You can visit that ghost town, take photos of that waterfall or mob of wild kangaroos, you can fossick in that creek for the elusive glint of gold or fish those rivers for that more elusive, fighting trout. Then settle back and recall the day's experiences and enjoyments around a comfortable campfire.

With this freedom comes responsibility... the responsibility to treat the areas you visit with respect and consideration so that future generations can share and enjoy the same freedom. You should consider the benefits of talking with others who own or operate Four Wheel Drives. They can provide valuable advice and experience on areas to visit, techniques in driving, equipment and general practices associated with Four Wheel Drive touring.

Where do you find these people? In a Four Wheel Drive Club. Consider the benefits first...then consider joining a Club.