What does our club do? ....

In short...HEAPS. A calendar is produced each year showing all club activities and events. Where possible outings are planned to allow for a one-day outing and a weekend outing each month. Trips are graded on the degree of difficulty that may be encountered during the trip. In addition to the trips planned for each month, other special activities are scattered throughout the calendar.

These include the annual 4WD Clubs Jamboree, held each Easter (we hosted both the 1982 & 1992 Jamborees), our "Fun Day" gymkhana, a treasure hunt, BBQs, picnics, children's Christmas tree and our annual cleanup campaign, where we do our bit for the local environment. As you can see we have a very active calendar with new trips and events being added each year. The Club also encourages members to form groups to plan and conduct longer range tours throughout Australia. Recent trips conducted by our members have journeyed to the Simpson Desert, Gun Barrel Highway, Canning Stockroute, Kakadu, Flinders Ranges and Cape York....just to mention a few.

The Club has strong attitudes towards safety and responsible four wheel driving, so we conduct our own driver awareness courses each month. Attendance on this course is compulsory for all new intending members. While the Club encourages members to enjoy the natural bushlands, we stress that this enjoyment should be achieved safely and responsibly.